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What does it mean to be resilient? How do we maintain ourselves in times of crisis? Much is being written on a regular basis on resilience during this pandemic and for the foreseeable future. In Army preaches resiliency to cope with pandemic, we are provided with a synopsis of how resilience is fostered in the military. Before offering what builds resilience, here is a reflection on the value of resilience:

“Resiliency is important because it equips people with a higher ability to cope with difficult situations,” Frederick said. “People with strong resilience can adjust to difficult and stressful events, and accelerate their return to normalcy.”

When we learn how to cultivate resilience, we can be better equipped to handle crisis and stress. To cultivate resilience “The Army outlines the road map to resiliency with five pillars of wellness: emotional wellness, physical wellness, spiritual wellness, family wellness and social wellness.”

Emotional wellness includes being able to recognize and manage your emotions in a constructive way. Managing emotional wellness can mean journaling feelings, practicing yoga or deep breathing to relax and reduce stress

Physical wellness includes choosing healthy and balanced meals, and getting regular exercise.

Spiritual wellness means finding meaning and purpose in life, and creating an awareness and unity with something greater then oneself.

While some people are spending more time with family and others are unable to see loved ones, family wellness remains vital to resiliency. During uncertain or trying times, friends and family can provide the love and encouragement needed to cope with difficult situations.

Frederick said another important factor in staying resilient is avoiding total isolation.

These five categories can provide a means of maintaining ourselves in a holistic manner. Inevitably, most of us will find balance and wellness in only certain aspects of life. The message here is to be mindful of creating balance in all areas of our lives. If we do this, we can maintain our resilient selves and weather most storms.

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