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Sorry for the absence.  Every so often it is good to get a break from the world of blogging to focus on other aspects of life such as work and family.  I do intend to get back to the sharing of articles and writing.

As such, I wanted to reflect for a moment on an experience I had.  Every so often, when working with the dying and their families, it is easy to lose sight of the pain loved one’s feel seeing their loved one withering away.  There is such a loss of control that it exacerbates deep emotional, psychological and spiritual challenges these caregivers experience in less intense moments.  For us, this is where our challenge truly lies.  We label these people but in truth, we are merely expressing the frustrations that we cannot offer them comfort.  In truth, it is amazing how many times comfort really comes in the form of just truly being.  We are entering a sacred space and yet how easy it is to forget that in the midst of keeping up with the day.  This was brought home to me in the midst of the sadness and pain I was feeling for a family who recently lost a loved one.  I had been in their sacred space and felt their initial grief and pain.  It was a wave of emotion I was experiencing as well.  And on reflection, I was reminded that no matter what, we must always work to increase our empathy and patience when in the midst of the challenge that is caring for people in illness and grief.