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If you ever wanted a true perspective on grief and bereavement, read this quote from Moshe Feiglin, leader of a faction of Likud (the current party in power in Israel, in commenting about his opposition in the party, current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  This quote was taken after Feiglin visited Netanyahu during shiva for his father (Bentzion Netanyahu).

Quote Of The Day (H/T Life in Israel)

Quote Of The Day

Because I have a “chiyuv” to daven for the amud, I found myself yesterday leading the services for mincha when I went to pay a condolences call by the prime minister. To my surprise, the prime minister joined me at the end of the services to say kaddish. The two of us stood there and said “Yisgadal v’yiskadash shmei raba”. At that moment I did not think about this, but afterwards I thought to myself that there was something great that had happened – two people who competed for the leadership announced together who is really the leader…

— Moshe Feiglin