The idea of legacy is one we all think about during our lives.  What will be remembered about me?  This question was posed in a recent blogpost.

…Now to get back to the legacy, I went to a viewing this past Sunday for a friend of my fathers who passed away. I met Ewald after we moved out to this area (I grew up in Winnipeg), but I have known some of his children since I was a child as we would go o DVBS together. As I heard stories at the viewing, I thought about my grandparents (they were from the same area as Ewald), and the stories we could have told about my grandparents, and it made me think…

What kind of story will be told at my funeral? Will I be remembered as a fun loving mom who would do anything for my children? Will I be remembered as the friend who would do anything for others? Will my husband think of me as the wife who loved him fiercely and unconditionally? Or, will I be remembered as opposite of those attributes I’ve just mentioned. I sure hope not.

My question to you now is, how will you be remembered? Better yet, how do you want to be remembered? Your opportunity to make the positive memories has not yet passed you by, what will you do?

This is very valuable question.  Personally, I am not sure what I would want people to say about me.  I know what I don’t want being said, but what my story would be.  Since my story still hasn’t reached the midpoint (I hope, please G-d), this is a difficult question.  Yet, as a chaplain, it is an important question because it can drive people to refocus on life and infuse life with meaning.  Any thoughts?  (see my earlier post on Spiritual wills as it relates to legacy).