As a Jewish chaplain who has worked in various eldercare settings for the past 6 plus years (My first job began right after Thanksgiving six years ago), I feel the need to share about issues that face people during the challenging periods of life.  Since I am an occasional blogger, having at various times kept two other blogs, I decided I need one blog dedicated entirely to this subject. 

About this blog:

1. I will state at the outset that I cannot guarantee a post daily.  However, my goal is to write something at least once a week. 

2.  The material will focus on:

  • issues of spiritual challenges
  • ethical dilemnas
  • the latest news regarding health care
  • books of interest

3.  I will post over the next few weeks some of the older posts from my other blogs so that they are kept in one place for future reference. 

Please join me as we explore the deepness and fullness of life.